25 May 1915 1
17 Apr 1982 1
Palm Beach County Florida 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Marie Planitz Lombardi 1
Also known as:
Mrs Vince Lombardi 1
Full Name:
Marie Lombardi 2
25 May 1915 1
Male 1
25 May 1915 2
17 Apr 1982 1
Palm Beach County Florida 1
Apr 1982 2
Burial Place: Mount Olivet Cemetery Middletown Monmouth County New Jersey, USA 1
Last Residence: Lake Worth, FL 2
Vincent Thomas Lombardi 1
31 Aug 1940 1
Spouse Death Date: 03 Sep 1970 1
I wasn't married to him more than one week I said to myself,Marie Planitz,you've made the greatest mistake of your life 1
Social Security:
Card Issued: Florida 2
Social Security Number: ***-**-1408 2

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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., April 17— Marie Lombardi, widow of Vince Lombardi, the Green Bay Packers football coach, died today at John F. Kennedy Hospital. She was 66 years old. Mrs. Lombardi had been ill with a lung infection for about two months, said her son-inlaw, Paul Bickham

Marriage to Vince

n the fall of 1934 Vince Lombardi's roommate Jim Lawlor introduced him to his cousin's relative, Marie Planitz. When Marie announced her ardent desire to marry Lombardi, her father told her that he did not want his daughter marrying an Italian,a prejudice against his heritage he would face more than once in his life.Lombardi and Marie wed, nonetheless, on August 31, 1940.

Marie miscarried her first child with Lombardi. The "terrible effect" this had on Marie caused her to turn to heavy drinking,  a problem she would deal with on more than one occasion in her life. On April 27, 1942, their son, Vincent Harold Lombardi (Vince Jr.), was born[ and on February 13, 1947, their daughter Susan was born.

"He seemed preoccupied with football even on their honeymoon, and cut it short to get back to Englewood … 'I wasn't married to him more than one week', she later related, 'when I said to myself, Marie Planitz, you've made the greatest mistake of your life.'" Lombardi's perfectionism, authoritarian nature[

and temper,instilled in his wife a masterful ability to verbally assault and demean Lombardi when he verbally abused her.His children were not immune from his yelling. When Lombardi had not lost his temper, he would often be reticent and aloof.

Lombardi's grandson, Joe Lombardi is the current quarterbacks coach for the New Orleans Saints. In the 2009 season, he helped lead the Saints to win the trophy bearing his grandfather's name and Drew Brees to win a Super Bowl MVP award.

The Pantagraph, 18 Apr 1982, Sun, Page 25

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