Jackson Sterling Scarbrough

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    I remember driving his tractor he had in Cedaridge, CO during the summer.

      I got to spend lots of time with my Grandfather, fixing cars, mowing his grass, and going with him to the markets to haggle over different fix-it & sell projects he had. I remember being with Jack when he haggled and purchased the tractor Blake talks about below. I helped him get it to his house, as I drove it behind his truck with the chain attached, and helped him get it fixed up so that it ran. We then were able to drive it all over the land he had in the backyard in Cedaredge, CO. I really enjoyed the times I was with Jack because he took the time to understand and spend time with me while I was growing up during my teenage years. I loved him a lot, and still miss him. Am so glad I had the opportunity to be with him!!!