Amendments to the US Constitution

Amendments to the US Constitution


Ratified Amendments XI-XXVII of the United States Constitution, M1518

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Which amendments are they?

    The Bill of Rights includes the first ten amendments to the US Constitution (I-X). Subsequent amendments (XI-XXVII) are included in this publication (NARA M1518). Below is a list, in simple terms, of what each of these amendments provided for, and the year of ratification.

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    • 11th Amendment (XI): Immunity of states to foreign suits, 1795.
    • 12th Amendment (XII): Revision of presidential election procedures requiring electors to cast distinct votes for President and Vice President, 1804.
    • 13th Amendment (XIII): Abolition of slavery, 1865.
    • 14th Amendment (XIV): Refers to citizenship and includes clauses for due process and equal protection, 1868.
    • 15th Amendment (XV): Voting rights for male citizens of all races, 1870.
    • 16th Amendment (XVI): Authorizing federal income tax, 1913.
    • 17th Amendment (XVII): Direct election of senators by the people of a state, 1913.
    • 18th Amendment (XVIII): Prohibition, 1919.
    • 19th Amendment (XIX): Voting rights for women, 1920.
    • 20th Amendment (XX): "Lame Duck Amendment" to reduce time between election and service of elected officials, 1933.
    • 21st Amendment (XXI): End of prohibition, repealed the 18th amendment, the only time an amendment has been repealed, 1933.
    • 22nd Amendment (XXII): Set the term limit for presidents, 1951.
    • 23rd Amendment (XXIII): The District of Columbia given electoral votes, 1961.
    • 24th Amendment (XXIV): Prohibits requiring poll taxes for right to vote, 1964.
    • 25th Amendment (XXV): Clarifies procedures regarding succession of president and vice president upon death or inability to serve, 1967.
    • 26th Amendment (XXVI): Established 18 as the minimum legal voting age, 1971.
    • 27th Amendment (XXVII): Allowed changes in salary for members of Congress to occur only after a general election (initially submitted in 1789), 1992.

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