Mysteries surround this A/C from a mystery man (unauthorized passenger) to faulty identification of remains by the German Military. 3 Men still listed as MIA have been identified recently. READ THE MACR BELOW.


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Mystery surrounds A/C 42-31771

Merseburg Germany

This aircraft, Piloted by Lt Steve Nagy and crew,

  • Nagy, Steve  (Pilot)
  • Motigue, John (Co-Pilot)
  • Ketzner, John  (Navigator)
  • Giove, Daniel  (Bombardier)
  • Best, Willard  (Top Turret)
  • Wulfeck, Wilbur  (Ball Turret gunner)
  • Iadevia, Francesco  (Waist)
  • Cimino, Peter S, Jr  (Tail gunner)
  • DeMott, George  (Radio)

Unknown Passenger (unauthorized passenger?)

Another individual was aboard the A/C but was not listed on the crew.  John S. Gullei was apparently on board as an unauthorized passenger.  His remains were discovered and identified by the Germans, however there is no record in the 92nd Bomb Group Archives of him being assigned to or aboard the aircraft on that fateful day.  As a matter of fact, I cannot locate any record of John S. Gullei in the 92nd Bomb Group Archives.  This mystery is still under investigation as of 2 September 2012.

MIA's from 42-31771

  1. Best
  2. McTigue
  3. Nagy
  4. Wulfeck

Mr. Robert Rumsby a Research and Recovery Mission Team Leader for Moore's Marauders", an organization that conducts investigations of MIA's has conducted extensive research and has now identified the remains of the three crew members of the Nagy crew, still listed as MIA's that were buried as unidentified by the Germans.  The bodies are currently interred as Unknowns at Lorraine American Cemetery, St Avold, France.  It is now possible for the family members of these MIA's to contact the Department of Defense and have thier loved ones remains returned home.  Moore's Marauders is a part of MIA Charities Inc.

The aircraft, a B-17G, was shot down by a combination of enemy fighters and flak.  The aircraft broke away from the formation with it's wing on fire and subsequently exploded.  The explosion blew the Navigator from the nose of the plane, the waist gunner from the side, and the tail gunner managed to escape.  These men parachuted to safety but the rest of the crew was lost.

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