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Midwest McDaniel Clan


McDaniels that migrated to the midwest USA

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    Samuel McDaniel was born in 1762 in Fayette County Pennsylvania. He fathered 11 children in his long life of 88 years. At the age of 40 he owned and farmed 485 acres of land in Huntington Township Ohio which he purchased in 1802 from a Charles Morgan.

    His children were;

    • Jesse McDaniel b. 1791* Isaac McDaniel b. 1792* John McDaniel b. 1796* Mary Priscilla(Polly)McDaniel b. 1797* Hannah McDaniel b.1801 in Brown Co. Ohio* William McDaniel b. 1802* Samuel McDaniel jr (pictured above) b. 1804  moved to Red Rock Township Iowa after 1852* David McDaniel b. 1806* Nancy McDaniel b. abt 1808* Jane McDaniel b. abt 1810* Lydia McDaniel b. abt 1814

      Family history says that Samuel and his wife were indians and had taken the white mans name for safety. I have gotten a copy of his will from the Chancery Court Record Book #11, pages 50-59. I can't verify this by this record but in time after more searching all those mentioned in this will I may find an Indian link later in time.Samuels Grandfather John Macdonnell immagrated from Wicklow Co. Ireland and died the year Samuel was born. Samuel Scott McDaniel jr moved to Red Rock Iowa after his father had passed away sometime after 1852. Samuel Scott was married three times and had 14 children. His first wife Hanna Eliza Wakeland McDaniel gave Samuel 7 children before she passed away at age 29.

      • Maria Mellissa* Hannah Ellen* Lydia Roseannah* Nacy Jane* William Edgar* **John Alexander

        His oldest daughter Maria was born March 4th 1857 in Illinois, she later married Benjamin Wilkens Charles May 15th 1876. There are no children listed from this marriage.

      Hanna Ellen his second daughter was born Dec. 15th 1861 also in Illinois, she later married Benton Thomas March 11th 1879. She passed away in Des Moines Iowa Nov.15th 1931 at age 69. No children are recorded with this marriage.**

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