Racine, Wisconsin: Alice Sankey was a journalist for the Racine Times Call and Racine Journal Times, she wrote over 200 children's books and is recognized by the National Association for Press Women. She was also my Grandmother.


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Alice Sankey

Racine, Wisconsin

February 1991 Alice wrote a letter to Gwynn Socolich about the depression and other Family Stories.  (Document number 3)

Interview November 22, 1992 with Alice Sankey at 5560 Shasta Lane, La Mesa, California 91941. What were the roles of women when you were a child? What were the roles of men? How did you feel about those roles?

 Alice lived on State Street and went to Lincoln School (Kindergarden) at age 4 with sister Edith (had a bad back, Alice was her protector); Island park was on State Street (1914) [Racine, WI]
moved to Hagerer Street (Washington Elementary School) Susan Kramer's first cousin surname was Mulder - The Kramers were very good to the Mulders in Holland: Alice lived next door to them on Hagerer Street in Racine. The Mulders had a farm and would leave fresh veggies on the porch. .. moved to Quincy Avenue and attended Gilbert Knapp Elementary and McKinley Junior High.1

Alice commented on a condition she had early in life: She was fortunate that she did not have damage to her sight, many people who contracted scarlet fever were left with permanent blindness.
"I had scarlet fever with high fever and peeling skin like sunburn"4

1930 Census: Dahlberg, Alice; age 20; newspaper reporter (boarder)10

(Question: What was the depression like?) "The kids got free milk in school, mostly courtesy of a man nicknamed "The Big Milkman", who owned the dairy.  I could go on and on--strange how putting it down on paper evokes memories.  I do remember, in Minneapolis long bread lines for food.  The reason I remember it was because I got in it by mistake when I lined up for a driver's license!  Your grandfather thought that was so funny, he told the newspaper columnist (Eric Severeid, later network bigwig) about it and he used it in his paper column"2

"Alice Sankey wrote 3 school text books, was a children's author, was a Ghost Writer for some Disney Children's Books: Teasure Island, Song of the South; Stories: Roy Rogers and The Lone Ranger, Comic strips: Dagwood and Blondie, five hard cover books for elementary students3

Children's Books Published:
365 Bedtime Stories. 1942, Tuffy the Tugboat. 1947, Santa Claus and Jingle Bell. 1947, Little Hank. 1948, Petunia the Pelican. 1949, Marcus -tale of a Monkey, 1951. Timmy and Tommy. 1951, Hide Away Henry. 1953. Jack of Trades. 1953, Roy Roger's Surprise for Donnie. 1954, Roy Rogers and the Desert Treasure, 1954; The Lone ranger and the Ghost Horse, 1955.
School Text: Racine Board of Education in 1956: Racine the Belle City: Racine Industries: Why work where?
Children's Books: Published by Albert Whitman: Basketballs for Breakfast, 1963; three-in-One Car, 1967; Music by the Got-Rocks, 1970; Judo yell 1972, hit the Bike Trail, 1974.
Author of One act play, Silver Wedding, two radio plays: "Angel on a Leash" and "Cupid has Grey Heir".  Ghost writer for more than thirty juvenile books and junior novels.  Former contributor of adult fiction to the Chicago Daily news. 1986 won humor award at the Santa Barbara Writer's Conference.  Columnist "People Watching" for four years Racine Journal Times.5

Group Chosen to serve at "Miracle" Fair; November 9, 1961 - Alice Sankey, 1036 Lathrop Ave. [Racine, WI] (Miracle of Books fair)6

Chicago Area Artists Nov 1, 1964: Chicago area authors and illustrators with books published this year:  Authors who will meet with children: …Alice Sankey, who focuses on basketball in "Basketballs for Breakfast".7

After retirement from the Journal Times Alice traveled extensively. She was a part of the first tourist group to enter China (The Forbidden City). She said her favorite place to travel to was Sydney, Australia. 
She was one of my favorite people... I could never beat her in a game of scrabble, she gave me a love for reading books.  She is dearly missed.  She lived a very long and productive life and left a deep impression on her granddaughter.9

Description: Obituaries - Alice Dahlberg Sankey TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA - Alice Dahlberg Sankey, 94, died peacefully in her sleep on Wednesday, April 28, 2004. A newspaperwoman and joyful traveler, Alice was born in Waukegan, Ill. and spent most of her life in Racine, where she worked as a Journalist, Women's Editor, and Columnist for the Journal Times. The award-winning author of over 100 children's books, several radio plays, and a history of Racine, Alice's gift for comedy won her The Humour Award at the Santa Barbara, Calif. Writers' Workshop in 1987. Alice will be sadly missed by her three children, Tom (Fiona), Enid Bartnicki (Steve), and Brien (Kaye); her grandchildren, Heather (Peter), Alyssa (Jeff), Gwynn (Jim), Daragh, Ama, Raven, Chelsea, Terah, and MacKenzie; and her nine great-grandchildren. She is further survived by her sister, Marilyn Coon (Dave); and sisters-in-law, Joyce and Odette Dahlberg. Widow of Thomas Riddell Sankey. Daughter of the late Philip John and Katherine (nee: De Young) Dahlberg. Predeceased by her brothers, Philip and Orville Dahlberg; and her sisters, Edith Dahlberg and Phyllis Priaulx (Jack). A celebration of the life of this adventurous and talented woman will be held in the Lodge Room at the Yardarm, 930 Erie Street, Racine, on Sunday, May 23, 2004, from 3 until 5 p.m. If desired, donations in Alice's name may be made to: The Wilkie Heritage Fund, New Horizons Tower, 1140 Bloor Street, West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6H 4E6.
Location: WI
Date: 5/16/2004
Source: The Journal Times (Racine)

Photo and caption of Alice Sankey
Women's Editor
March 3, 1972
( Internal Document 856)

Alice Sankey: Death Certificate:
Death Date April 28, 2004
Birth date: February 16, 1910
Place of Death: Toronto, Ontario, Canada8

"Just Between Us Girls" by Alice Sankey (photocopy not dated)
"Odd, isn't it how the dead past rises up and smacks you one now and then."
Alice played the bass drum in the Knap School orchestra at 8 years old.11

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Note: Alice Sankey wrote: "Hey Dont Write Me Off". Unpublished Manuscript.
8 Alice Sankey Death Certificate: Toronto, Ontario, Canada(Doc 843)
9 Recollection of Alice Sankey, Gwynn Socolich
10  1930; Ancestry: Census: Mt. Pleasant, City of Racine, Racine County, WI
11 Photocopy of "Just Between Us Girls": by Alice Sankey

12 Alice Sankey in Whos Who 1981-1982 on pages 174
13 2 January 1974 Alice Sankey's last People Watching Article. Alice was a newspaper woman for over 40 years.  Retirement article tells that she met Tom Sankey at the newspaper when he was Sportswriter. During WWII she was the wire desk editor while Tom was the city Editor.  In 1967 she became the society editor for the Racine Journal Times.  Alice had written 112 books by the time she retired.

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