My great grandfather was David Monson, born in the year of 1861-1925 although It has been said he was Caucasian and from Denmark facts are his wife Laura Sine Jensen was born in Denmark ,his father was a Paiute Indian and they lived in circleville along with Davids sister who was killed in the Circleville massacre known as the black hawk war of 1865-68.David was born in Circleville,Utah and was one of the three to four young children that escaped the massacre and was found orphaned wondering in the woods by a trapper and given to the Monson family and told to"take this boy or I shall kill him" he than was to be raised as there own, now back than that kind of thing was not unusual there were many orphaned children due to fathers going to wars and mothers were left behind in the wild frontier to fend for themselves. There were many children orphaned and alone including David Monson, A Paiute Indian boy and survivor of the Circleville Massacre known as the Black Hawk war of 1865.


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David Monson

Mt, Pleasant, Utah

David Monson was also my Great Grandfather, But my stories differ from yours. I believe the other brother got killed and the girl went with a family in Ft Green Utah, and later moved to California

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