Confidential Correspondence of the Navy, 1919-1927

Confidential Correspondence of the Navy, 1919-1927


NARA Publication M1140.


    From 1917 to 1919, OPNAV maintained its own confidential files and those of the Office of the Secretary of the Navy. In August 1919, the newly created OPNAV Planning Division was given the responsibility for keeping the secret and confidential files of these two offices and established the series reproduced in this publication. Many of the documents in the series originated with the Planning Division. Also incorporated into the series, however, were documents of the various OPNAV planning committees that had existed prior to the creation of the Planning Division; thus, many of these documents predate August 1919. About July 1922, OPNAV established a separate office entitled Secret and Confidential (SC) File Room to maintain security-classified correspondence files, thereby relieving the Planning Division of the duty it had assumed 3 years earlier. The records reproduced herein include those of the period when the Planning Division kept the files, as well as of the period during which the SC File Room maintained them.

    The images in this title are digitized from 117 rolls of microfilm representing "secret and confidential" correspondence of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (OPNAV) and the Office of the Secretary of the Navy, August 1919-July 1927. These records are part of General Records of the Department of the Navy, 1798-1947, Record Group (RG) 80.

    The descriptive pamphlet (DP) for M1140 is available to view or download here. It was written by Timothy K. Nenninger. Mary Swann and Robert Aquilina arranged the records. A great deal of the description of M1140 on this page is taken directly from the DP.


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