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Personal Details

Kenneth C Demay 1
Age in 1930: 14 1
Estimated Birth Year: 1916 1
Place: DAUPHIN County, Pennsylvania 1
From: 1930 1
Enumeration District: HARRISBURG CITY, WARD 15 1

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  1. Census - US Federal 1930 [See image]


Kenneth DeMay


Kenneth DeMay's 1st Mission was in the ST Myrtle II #41-13175 on 3 July, 1943  Ken flew in the St Myrtle II three times then flew Combat in the ALLEY CAT #42-53487 on 6 July, 1943.

He also flew the Lady Luck, Sylvester, the SNARP, Buckeye Cannon Ball and others.

Tuesday, 21 Dec.'43; 

447th BS War Diary:  Mission cancelled.  One of our Italian K.P’s was hit by an English truck while crossing the highway directly behind the motor pool.  He was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance from 448 sq.  which due to the proximity of the 448th dispensary, arrived at the scene of the accident ahead of our medics.  1st Sgt. Vishy, M/Sgt. Horne and Cpl. Franzi left to-day for Naples in order to purchase fruits, vegetables etc for our Christmas Dinner.  The following left for rest camp today:  Lt. D.W. Thomas, Lt. J.G. Boyle, *** Lt. DeMay, *** Lt. J.P. Lanza, Lt. S.I. Sattenspiel, S/Sgts. G.W. Roever, G.P. Werner, W.R. Henry, R.A. Lotito, and D.D. Alton.

1 Feb. 1944; 

447th BS Mission Summary:  (Ops Order 245/mission 244) Group Mission # 207: Mission today to Albano R/J, Italy.  6 of our ships took part.  Plane no. 181 returned with all the bombs.  Our element was lead by Lt DeMay who saved the day when the lead box of six went off to the left and bombed the wrong town.  Lt. DeMay’s bombardier had picked up the correct target and he ignored the course of the lead six planes and made his own bomb run with the second flight of 12 planes following him.  Result of bombing good. 


A/C No.  42-53371 “Death Wind” DeMay, Kenneth C., 1Lt Edwards, Lyle L., 2Lt None McCormick, Donald P., 2Lt

Ford, Leonard W., Sgt

Wilson, Max A, S/Sgt Fowler, Harold E., Sgt

  8 Feb 1944 Lt DeMay was made CAPTAIN

15 Feb. 1955;

Flight Leaders:   Capts DeMay and Strenger – Lt Freeland.


Sat. 19 Feb. 1944; 

447th BS War Diary:  Three of our planes 775, 546, and 413 were lost while on shuttle service between Vincenzo and Gaudo.  As yet no detailed information has been secured.  Lt. DeMayin 775 has not been found.  Lt. Bryant in 546 crashed just east of our runway at Vincenzo near the 57 Station Hospital.  He had turned back from the flight to Gaudo when instrument conditions developed and had come in for a landing but may have been cut out by a P-38.  He pulled up, mushing along trying to gain flying speed and then spun in.  It is probable that one engine cut out.  Two men, Sgts. Harrisand Keechwere alive and taken to the hospital.  Sgt. Keech died soon after but Sgt. Harriswho has a fractured skull seems to have a chance to pull through.  Lt. Toltzmanin 413 exploded in air and crashed into Lake Lesina north of Foggia.  All aboard were killed.  Capt. Olsonwas also on this shuttle flight.  He had trouble when his plane iced up over the mountains.  His plane went into a spin but he was able to pull it out and return to Vincenzo.


Barbi Ennis Connolly, 321st Bomb Group Historian




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