Sgt Howard D. Benson

Sgt Howard D. Benson

Mission to Kiel

  • Shipyards and Submarine Pens at Kiel, Germany

Mission to Kiel,
A/C # 42-3494,  92nd Bomb Group, 325th Squadron.

**A/C exploded over target, hit by flak. **

No survivors all KIA

The operational month for the 92nd Bomb Group began on January 4th, with the group lashing twice, on successive days at the shipyards and submarine pens at Kiel.  The first of these raids was led by Mjor McGehee Word Jr. and 1at Lt Milton V Shevchik, was costly.  Fifteen aircraft attacked, and two did not return.  The missing aircraft were piloted by 2nd Lt Raymond J. Manchu (lost to flak at target of which Benson was a crew member)**  The second A/C was piloted by  2nd Lt J.J. Hughes.**

Source; The Route as Briefed; John Sloan