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Personal Details

Full Name:
Oscar J Kaney, Jr. 1
Oscar J Kaney 2
Age in 1930: 38 2
Estimated Birth Year: 1892 2
Place: RICHMOND County, Georgia 2
From: 1930 2
Enumeration District: AUGUSTA CITY, WARD 6 2

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S/Sgt Oscar J Kaney, Jr. 321stBG, 446thBS, B-25 51 Combat Missions.

Corsica, France

S/Sgt Oscar Kaney, Jr.  flew 51 Combat Missions with the B-25 Mitchell Medium Bomber 321st Bomb Group, assigned to the 446th Bomb squad and flew 51 Combat Missions in the Mediterranean Theatre.  Oscar was a Flight Engineer/Aerial Gunner.

  Oscar J Kaney, Jr.  (14104454 ) was residing in McDuffee County, Georgia and entered the Service 15 April, 1942. Born in Georgis in 1921, had completed high school, is White, Citizen and was working as Mechanic/repairman of Motor Vehicles.  Oscar was still single at Enlistment.

Kaney, Oscar J., Jr., Sgt, engineer-gunner (Boneville GA)(NARA - 14104454 KANEY#OSCAR#J#JR# GA MC DUFFEE FT MCPHERSON ATLANTA GA 42) ************* ARRIVE July 1943 and ***********



446th BS War Diary:A big mail call with plenty of V-Mail gave morale a big boost.A successful mission was flown and seven lucky combat men got their “going home” orders: Lt. Brady, Lt. Pappas, Sgts. Barber, Haasch, Haughom, Kaney and Pilcher.

Barber, Otis C., Sgt, gunner;    Brady, Joseph A., Lt, pilot

Haasch, George F., Sgt, radio-gunner;    Haughom, Milfred O., Sgt, gunner    

Kaney, Oscar J., Sgt, gunner;    Pappas, William J., Lt, bombardier   

Pilcher, Byron E., Sgt, gunner

Personal notes from son Joey;  3 June, 2012    My dad, Oscar J. Kaney, flew 51 missions in 1943-1944 as a B-25 engineer/gunner with the 321st 446th. His crew flew the Flamingo 42-32429 from the US to North Africa in 1943. He has notes from each of his 51 missions.

6 June, 2012; Thanks for getting back to me. All this 446th material is really helping Daddy get thru his 91st year. Adding Daddy to this page would be wonderful. Should I scan all his hand written notes and his pictures and send them to you? Please advise as to the most efficient way to get him included on your website and I'll do my best. Thanks, Joey


Oscar J Kaney, Jr's FAMILY

Agusta Georgia

Oscar's Family;

1930 Census/Augusta/Richmond/Georgia/Roll: 383/ED-32/Page: 5B
Household Members: Name Age
Oscar J Kaney 38
Rebie Kaney 31
Oscar J Kaney 8
Elizabeth Kaney 9
Caroline Kaney 5

Oscar  John and Mary Lou (Hogan) were wed on Saturday, 21 June, 1947 at the bride's home in Warrenton, Ga.

Photo's and Stories are directly from OSCAR and his son Joey Kaney.

57th Bomb Group Historical Researchers; (321st BG) John T Fitzgerald, Patti Johnson and Barbi Ennis Connolly.  Additions/Corrections?

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