This is a memorial and testament to the life and Naval service of my uncle, John P Bigler, born Scottsbluff, Nebraska but raised in Bayard, died San Diego, CA.

25 Jul 1910 1
Scottsbluff, Nebraska 1

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Personal Details

25 Jul 1910 1
Scottsbluff, Nebraska 1
Male 1
Mother: Bessie E Nowlan 1
Father: Marshall Lee Bigler 1

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First Marriage

Marriage Seattle WA

John Frazer Bigler Beaumont
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John married Marguerite Frazier prob. in Seattle in May 1939. They had one son, John Frazier Bigler who added the name Beaumont when his mother remarried. Divorce date unknown. John Jr. was born 16 May 1940 in California. He m. first Barbara Gecewicz, one son, and second wife unknown. He died in Orlando FL 20 June 2007. He worked for the Orlando Civil government.

Second Marriage

San Diego, CA

John & Lorraine dinner.jpg

John's second marriage was to Shirley Lorraine Sprague. They lived in Chula Vista, CA after John's retirement. Shirley was a newspaper editor and she died 5 April 1960. No children. A photo of them in included on these pages.


Bayard, Nebraska

John Bigler
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John was born in Scottsbluff but raised in Bayard on the family farm, called "Sugar Valley Farm" for the sugar beets his father grew. Marsh Bigler managed 52 tenant farms in the Nebraska panhandle.

John was the youngest of three children, Lawrence, who was a farmer and pilot for the Civil Air Patrol and Frances, who attended college in the East and married a military officer. John attended Bayard public schools and at some point decided to join the Navy.

Naval Career

USA, Pacific

cousin May clouser-John Bigler-aunt Alice Clouser San Diego_edited-1.jpg
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John enlisted in Omaha on Feb. 1 1929 and retired on Feb. 1 1943. He served on the USS Lexington in VB Squadron One-B, NAS, Pensaola, FL VJ Squadron One-F, VS Squadron 3-B, and VJ Squadron 2-F, VP Squadron 2-F, Norfolk, VP Squadron 2-F, FAB, Coco Solo, VP Squadron 3-F, and Utility Squadron Two. From 1939-1943, Utility Squadron Two (Rigel) then served on the USS Saratoga, NAS Pensacola, NAS Alameda, CA, Air Transport Squadron 3, NAS, Alameda, CA, Utility Squadron Two Detachment, Utility Squadron Seven, and Utility Squadron Seven.

His education consister of Gen. Aviation Utility Great Lakes ILL and Aviation Flight Training Pensacola FL, AD AV Mech Norfolk, VA. He received the Good Conduct Medal.

See attached newspaper articles for details.


San Diego, CA

mem card info.jpg
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John met his untimely death from a single massive heart attack on the morning of April 5 1960. He was only 50 years old.

My dear, dear uncle John was one of the most wonderful people in my life. My memories of him are priceless. He was handsome, kind and thoughtful. He would bring me wonderful gifts from far-off places, striding in our farmhouse with a giant smile and arms laden. I miss you, Uncle John.

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