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1776 by David McCullough

This is a review of the book 1776 by David McCullough.


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Trenton, NJ


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Great book detailing the decisive battles of the Revolution

Trenton, NJ

The book is full of writing from Journals of infantry to the personal letters of the Generals to Family and friends. It also is rich in detail for those of us that love to know all the nitty-gritty details. His descriptions are not just of the battles, but of weather, moods, ideas and plans. It also focuses on the people around General Washington who helped make it all happen.

More success at sea

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In the winter of 1775 Washington was desperate for any good news. He had lost a large portion of his army (due to 1 year enlistments that began in Jan 1775) and was not sure what to do about the British in Boston. He had some success on the ocean at this time. Congress was hiring "Privateers" who were pretty much ship captains hired as mercenaries. One of them, John Manley (featured on page 64 in the book) had a number of successes in capturing British ships. The one in the book talks about him capturing the Nancy, a british supply ship.

Here in the Papers of the Continental Congress I found a letter from George Washington to John Hancock describing another capture by John Manly (sp) of the british sloop Betsy which was "dispatched by Lord Dunmore" with supplies and letters. Evidently the letters were of a sensitive nature since General Washington sent them via a Captain not general post (according to his statement).

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