The Immigrant Ancestors of Robert Rigby Hull

The Immigrant Ancestors of Robert Rigby Hull


What follows is the "Introduction" to a book entitled "Ancestry, Life and Travels of: Robert Rigby Hull and Grace Evelyn Bailey", written and published by themselves. Robert R. Hull was my maternal grandfather who was born December 12, 1900 and died September 8, 1986.

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I am Robert Rigby Hull

  • Hooper, Weber County, Utah

I am Robert Rigby Hull. Hooper, Weber County, Utah, is my homeland. My father and mother, Robert Hull and Elizabeth Liptrot Rigby, were born and lived in Hooper. All of my four grandparents, John Rigby and Grace Liptrot, William Gibson Hull and Eliza Lowe, were pioneers there, as well as three of my great grandparents, William Liptrot, Thomas Hull and Mary Benson, and one great, great grandparent, Janet Sharp Low. I will tell about these people as I proceed with writing my personal history. The town and these grandparents are integral parts of my history, as I was born of this heritage of people in Hooper and lived there until I was grown. These people are all buried in the Hooper cemetery except Thomas Hull, who was buried in Weston, Idaho.

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