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A few years ago while I was still attending class at BYU, I took a family history class. One of the assignments was to create a biographical sketch of one of our ancestors. I chose Jesse Warren Clement, my great-grandfather. I've included some of the photos that I got from my aunts and the sketch as I originally wrote it.  It is in no way a great work of literature, but I figure it might do more good out on footnote then sitting on my computer at home!

Birth and Siblings

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Jesse Warren Clement with the Clement Weeder at the State Fair
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Jesse Warren Clement was born March 30, 1874 to Darius Salem Clement and Louisa Kelsey Clement in Fairview, Sanpete, Utah.  Since Darius was miller and millright for 8 years, that's where Jesse was born, in a co-op gristmill southwest of Fairview.  He was the 6th child born to this couple who had been married November 27, 1859.  One of their granddaughters, Della Maretta Clement stated, "She matured very soon and when [s]he was still only 15 years old, she married Darius%u2026" (Della, 1).  He was baptized on September 16, 1883.  Jesse's older siblings were Easton (b. August 18, 1860), Oliver (b. September 2, 1862), Elizabeth (b. 1 September 1866), Darius Albert (b. December 30, 1869) and Nancy Abigail (b. May 22, 1872).  After Jesse, Orin Francis (b. June 17, 1875), Thomas Alma (b. March 13, 1879), Amos Byron (b. August 15, 1883) and Clarence (October 17, 1885) were born, bring the children count to 10.

  • 30 Mar 1874


    His family soon moved into the town of Fairview where they lived in a log cabin on the west side of town while they built a red brick house on the east side of town.  They were the first ones to build on that side of the road, near the mouth of Cottonwood canyon and they planted a big orchard.  Jesse exhibited innovative and useful thinking as he and his brothers, Orin and Thomas, rigged up a makeshift train car with tracks that they found so that they would more easily be able to bring the fruit in.  It also had the added bonus of being really fun to ride in.

  • Fairview, Utah

Courtship and Marriage

    During the summer of 1895, Jesse courted a girl named Sarah Matilda Brady.  In Sarah's words, this is what happened,
The ball players played ball in the afternoon with Mount Pleasant and won the game.  Jesse Warren Clement did the pitching and he sure could curve the ball and fan the batters.  We went over to Scofield to a big Estford and the Fairview Ball team played there and almost skunked them.  They said that the reason that we almost beat them was because we went to Salt Lake City for a pitcher so we could win the game.  They didn't believe that Jesse was from Fairview.  So he kept some place planned to go all summer.
On the 25th of August 1895 I was with a crowd and Jesse Clement was not there at that time, so another boy friend drove up in a nice buggy and ask me to go riding with him - So I did.  His name was Hans P. Hanson.  While I was gone, Jesse Clement come to the crowd, and we all went to meeting.  After meeting, Jesse took me home.  He was afraid I would be going out again so he ask me to marry him.  I told him I would wait and ask my Father and Mother before I could tell him.  But they were both happy about it.  So we were married in the Manti Temple on the 16th of October 1895.  (Della, 10-11)
Before then could be married though, Sarah has to be rebaptized by Gery C. Wilson and confirmed by Samuel Bills on October 13, 1895 since the records had been lost.  They were both endowed on the date of their sealing, October 16, 1895.

  • 16 Oct 1895


    Soon thereafter the children started to come.  Della Maretta Clement was first.  She was born to the Clements on July 15, 1896 while they were living in a two-room wood house.  Jesse, a carpenter, started work on a large two story house, but never entirely finished.  He has obtained the land from his father and on that property, on the south side of Cottonwood Creek.  He planted an orchard, like his father had before him, with all sorts of trees including peach,  pear, plum, apricot, and several different apples.  As well as an orchard he kept a good garden, Jesse Aral was next, born on February 8, 1899 followed by Warren Brady on November 19, 1901.
    Soon thereafter, during the summer of 1902, Jesse worked at a sawmill up near Clear Creek along with other men from Fairview.  After the summer they moved back to Fairview. The family relocated temporarily to a tent up the mountain, near the creek.  April 16, 1905 brought another son, Gwendlin Clay Clement.  

Move to Mesa

    In 1906, with employment scarce in Fairview, Jesse decided to transport his family to Mesa, Arizona by train to "seek his fortune." On the way there they had to pass through San Francisco and were witnesses to the destruction of the famous earthquake of 1906. Darius, Jesse's father, moved down to Mesa with a few months later and lived there until his death on May 22, 1917. While there, they lived in two 12' x 14' tents to start out with. Jesse was able to easily obtain work because of demand and because of his excellent workmanship. This quality made it difficult sometimes as the local carpenters saw him as an outsider taking away their work. While they were there, that had to travel about four miles to church which, to a family from Utah, probably a pretty good distance. That did not stop them from attending and Della and Warren even had the chance to shake President David O. McKay's hand at a conference there.

  • Mesa, AZ

Return to Fairview and the Twins

    The following Spring they returned to Fairview as Jesse had never sold that house. They again passed through San Francisco and saw that, while the conditions were better, many of the buildings were still piles of burnt bricks. While tempted to stay and work there, Jesse and his family returned to Fairview.

Tragedy Strikes

Twins were born on November 18, 1908, Salem Winton and Sarah Vail. Unfortunately, not even 4 months later, Salem died of pneumonia. This was not the only tragic death to strike this family. On March 30, 1909, Aral, Warren and Clay were playing marbles up near Jesse's shop. Without knowing of the boy's presence, Jesse turned on the shop's power. Warren was leaning too close to some moving parts and his clothes got caught and he was slammed against the wall, crushing most of the bones in his body. Jesse, hearing Warren's scream, quickly turned off the machinery and ran to Warren, only to have him die in his arms. Della recounts,
He carried his body home, over a ½ mile.  He came in the house and laid it on the couch.  When father came in and spoke to mother his voice was so strange that I didn't know it was him.  They seemed to go to pieces.  Father went out in the door yard and laid down on the ground and moaned and talked.  I couldn't understand what he said.  All mother could do was wring her hands and cry.  The twin baby [Salem Winton] had just died and had been buried about 2 weeks earlier.  I was so scared I picked up Vail up out of the cradle and wrapped her in a blanket and ran with her to the other side of the orchard before I came to.  Then I went back and prayed as I was going. (Della 20-21)
The tragedy deeply affected the family, but another son was born a little over a year later, Jordan Lowell on May 25, 1910.

  • 30 Mar 1909

Move to Talmage

    In the Summer of 1912, they family purchased land in Talmage and moved there, only lasting a few weeks before they returned to Fairview.  In September of 1914 they returned to their land in Talmage while Della traveled to Provo to begin here University studies at Brigham Young University.  There in Talmage, Lyle Edison Clement, my grandfather, was born on December 1, 1915.

Tragedy Strikes Again

    Regrettably, Warren and Salem weren't the only childhood deaths to attack this family.  On July 4, 1917, a beautiful, clear day, Jesse had Clay ride a pony out to gather back some work horses that he'd let graze during the night as the family was preparing to go into town for the Fourth of July Celebration.  With Clay gone longer than expected, Jesse started to walk towards the field where Clay was when he saw a bright flash of light.  He climbed a tower that Aral had built and he could see smoke coming from a large cedar tree.  He walked out to the tree and there he found that the tree was on fire and that Clay and his horse had been also struck by the lightning.  On this event, Della recounts,
It was a real shock to all and Sarah took it really hard.  Jesse again went to pieces and laid out the door yard for a while…. The bishop ask the family if they wanted to bury Clay at Talmage and Sarah said, "No, I wouldn't have a yellow dog curried in this place."  So they made arrangements to take him to Fairview and bury him beside his two other brothers.  (Della 32)

  • 4 Jul 1917

Move to Duchesne

    They moved to Duchesne and there the youngest of Jesse Clement's children were born.  Ted Brady was born on December 26, 1920.
    Jesse was a very talented man and developed a wide range of skills.  He self-taught himself the violin.  He was always tinkering and inventing things.  He built an incubator, the Clement Weeder and others.  His carpentry skills were impressive.  In addition to houses, he constructed many pieces of furniture including a china closet.
    Jesse died in Salt Lake City on March 13, 1933.  He had become ill and refused to go to the doctor but after a week, he consented.  His appendix had ruptured and so he died in a great deal of pain.  He left his wife who didn't pass on until June 30, 1970.  He was also survived by 6 of his children.  He was buried on March 15, 1933 in Fairview, Sanpete, Utah.

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