Jacob Frey died July 29 1864 in Andersonville Confederate Prison. His wife Delilah applied for pensin in 1865 and again in 1876.


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Jacob Frey

Andersonville, Georgia

Jacob was born 1827 in Chambrsburg, PA.  He married Delilah Newmeyer in Knox County, Ohio in 1850.  Jacob lived in Putnam County, Ohio.  He joined the Civil War  there in Company I, 99th Ohio Infantry.     He was wounded in the shoulder in the battle of Stone’s River and sent to the hospital on January 2, 1863.  He rejoined the Regt in April.  He was again wounded and captured by the Confederate Army during the battle of Chickamauga, Georgia in September 1863.  In December 1863 he was confined in Danville Prison in Virginia.  Because of the terrible conditions there he was eventually transferred to Andersonville Prison.

Jacob died 29 July 1864 in Andersonville Confederate Civil War Prison, Georgia of diarrhea



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