The Actual Blood Relations of Sharon Bauman and descendents

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they came, they saw, they conquered

    They came from various parts of the world.  England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Austria.  They came in ships.  Some were even born on the ship.  One built his own ship.

    This was our blood!  Some came for the right to worship, in the religeon they wished to follow.  Some came because of famon.  Some arrived as Indentured Servants, and others in chains.  How ever they got here, they were all dedicated to one goal.  Freedom!!!

    Our History goes all the way back to the beguinning of the colonies.  The ships docked in various places, some in the North, Pennsylvania.  Some in Maryland, and a few in Virginia.

    They brought with them very little of what they needed to build, but used what they had, and made do with what they could use "instead" of.  And they built.  And they survived.  They plowed they're fields, and planted.  The crops grew, and the women had babies and populated the area.  Just like God said for them to do.  They joined together and cut down trees to build cabins, and fences for safty.  And they produced Blacksmiths, Carpenters, Farmers, Weavers, everything they needed to nourich their colony.  The women picked herbs from the woods and made medicines to fight the Illness that never failed to come around.  To heal the injuries that never failed to happen.  They made Compounds, salves, ointments, plasters for the chest miseries.  And they thrived

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