18 Mar 1905 1
14 Sep 1997 1

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Zella Fogler 1
18 Mar 1905 1
14 Sep 1997 1
Last Residence: Heyworth, IL 1
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Card Issued: Unknown Code (72) 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-8060 1

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Zella Whitlock Fogler

Alexandria, VA

Zella was married to Maj. (LTC) Thomas D Whitlock, who was killed in the Viet Cong Mortar Attack on the Bien Hoa Base, S. Vietnam on 1 Nov. 1964.  The 1st major attack and Maj. Whitlock was a Fighter Pilot, and Commander, he flew an A1-E Skyraider which was assigned to the VNAF.  Maj. Whitlock had graduated from the DLI (DEfense Language Institute) and was an extremely important man.  A sad and tragic loss.

  Maj Whitlock was attempting to get his Skyraider off the runway and his main Mechanic was Louis Otto.  Louis was out on the tarmac trying to help him accomplish this when a mortar/ rocket directly hit the Maj. and his Skyraider.  (please see the links under the Map)

Barbi Ennis (Otto) Connolly, WWII Historical Researcher, 57th Bomb Wing, B-25's /MTO and Historian for the 319th and 321st Bomb Groups.  I also place all of our Heroes, please email me at  if you have more information or pictures.

Zella's husband, LTC Thomas Whitlock 1924-1964

Bien Hoa, Vietnam

 Maj. Thomas Whitlock was the Infantry Unit Commander (Ranger Qual) with 20 Years in the Service.  48th ARVN INFANTRY, ADV Team 88, HQ, MACV ADVISORS. ***** 

Maj. Thomas D Whitlock (posthumosly a LT COL & awarded the National Order of Vietnam and the Cross of Gallentry)       In the early hours of November 1st 1964, the Bien Hoa Air Base, situated 12 miles North of Saigon, came under fierce rocket and mortar fire from the Viet Cong. A squadron of B-57 bombers was immobilized, with 5 destroyed, and a further 15 damaged. Four U.S. servicemen and two Vietnamese were killed, and a further 76 were wounded in the attack.

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