Folk tales, stories supported by factual reports, and tall tales told among our family at one time or another. Intended to inform, keep the memory of ancestors alive, and entertain. No mlice is intended but it is important to repeat the story as you heard it.

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Stories my dad told me when I was but a child

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Dad was born in Willcockson, Arkansas in a place informally called Marble City. He told me he used to go to Marble Falls and jump off the cliffs into a deep pool which they called their swiming hole.

In 1k949 we drove to the ozarks and spent some time with his kin and he showed us his old homeplace and took us to Mount Sherman to visit Martha Poyner, his father's second wife. There we met their son Silas  Devoe Stacey and had a wonderful time visiting and learning more about famiily.

The stories he told me from time to time are well in my memory and I have collected many of those stories in a list which is open to the public called <a>[email protected]</a>

If you wish to read the stories you can send a blank email with -subscribe before the @yahoogroups, including the above group name, thus:

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You are welcome to visit, read the stories, add your stories, and make mention of records found here. If the records connect I would personally appreciate if you would footnote either the records from here to the stories, or footnote the stories to the items shown here.

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