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George Dertinger

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Lewistown High School

    1940 - was the year that we sent a basketball team to the state basketball tournament in Champaign. The team members were; James Jackson, Alan Jackson, Harry Wilcoxen, Mike Naden, Tony Butkovich, Robert Gallinger, Donald Ford, Robert Watson, Joe Radosevic and Bill Fithian. Managers of the team were; Al Wilson, Dean Ford and Raymond Williams. The cheer-leaders were; Rosalie Higgins, Shirley Higgins and Norma Jean Mayberry. The team coach was George Dertinger. In the first game Lewistown defeated Hebron, 31 to 30, but the glory was short lived, because, in the second game Lewistown was defeated by Moline, 47 to 32. In those days, before radio and television coverage, the towns-people who did not go to the game, were able to gather in the school gymnasium, and listened to the game relayed to there by telephone and amplified over a loud speaker.

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