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Project Blue Book report by James E. McDonald


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Davis-Monthan Airforce Base - Arizona

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This is a report of 2 UFO's being seen from the ground as they followed for a short time a B-36 bomber. They were also seen by the crew and others on the ground. I will post more on this sighting as I find the other reports about it. Hopefully they are in the project BB somewhere, but as you can see in his letter to the Army, Dr. McDonald had trouble finding the other reports also. This report was sent in July 1966, but the incident took place in 1952.

  • Tucson, Arizona
  • 1 May 1952

Early evidence point to UFO encounter

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Original report summary by the Air force master Sargent: "Shiny metal color. Circular shaped. Seemed to close in on B-36 then made sharp turns. Might have been fighters however description precludes this. Too bad altitude of the B-36 is unknown." They obviously think it is probably a UFO since there is no better explanation.
  • Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona

Cover up?

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From Dr. McDonald, "Following
our second unsuccessful effort to locate in the Bluebook files any record of the B-36 incident at Davis-Monthan AFB, I have asked <name redacted> to put down, in a letter to me, an account of such details as he can still remember with confidence." And at the end... "Other interesting UFO incidents in the Tucson area in the same period have been described by <name redacted> but in my two visits to your office, I have had no luck in locating them, so I suppose they're not going to show up now."

Seem Dr. McDonald was a little frustrated at the government covering this stuff up, and that he wasn't on the list to see these items since they were "lost." 

  • Tucson, Arizona
  • 14 Jul 1966

Extremely Important UFO Incident

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Finally with his last paragraph in his letter, it is obvious that he feels this was definitely a UFO encounter, "If you should ever come upon anything bearing on the B-36 case, please let me know. It seems to me to be an extremely important UFO incident"

Strong words coming from one of the nations leading Physicists of the time. What do you think, close encounter or weather balloon? 

  • Tucson, Arizona
  • 14 Jul 1966

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