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Project Blue Book report by James E. McDonald

Project Blue Book report by James E. McDonald


Possible UFO coverup by the government? You can decide but Dr. McDonald felt like it was a very important UFO encounter. Below you can read the actual typed reports from well known UFO scientist Dr. James E. McDonald, and from the witnesses he interviewed for Project Blue Book.

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Davis-Monthan Airforce Base - Arizona

  • Tucson, Arizona

This is a report of 2 UFO's being seen from the ground as they followed for a short time a B-36 bomber. They were also seen by the crew and others on the ground. I will post more on this sighting as I find the other reports about it. Hopefully they are in the project BB somewhere, but as you can see in his letter to the Army, Dr. McDonald had trouble finding the other reports also. This report was sent in July 1966, but the incident took place in 1952.

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