Higgasons and Higgersons From Virginia and Their Descendants

Higgasons and Higgersons From Virginia and Their Descendants


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Walter Higgason of Virginia

  • Culpeper & Hanover counties; Fredericksburg, VA

Walter Higgason was born about 1765 in Hanover County, Virginia, and died in 1825, Culpeper County, Virginia.  (Will Book K, p 171, Culpeper County, VA; Will dated 12 Jul 1824; probated 19 Sep 1825; executor:  James Higgason (eldest son).  Walter married Esther Elley (also spelled Ealie, Eley, Ely) of Elley's Ford (Eley's Ford) on the Rapidan River which is the boundary line separating Culpeper County from Spotsylvania County, VA.

Walter Higgason appears in the Hanover County Land Tax and Personal Property Tax records from 1782-1804.  Personal property tax records of Hanover County, VA, from 1789 to 1802 lists a Walter Higgason.  I believe his father to be a John Higgason who was probably born in Prince William County, Virginia, and resided in Hanover County at one time, but I have no proof yet.

1789-1803  Hanover Co., VA Personal Property Tax List - WALTER HIGGASON (Haven't checked beyond 1803)

First Census of the U.S., Hanover County, 1790
Capt. Owen Dabney's District - List of Geo. Clough
Dabney, Capt. Owen 6 white, 26 black
John Higgason, Sr.  3 white, 10 black
Richard Higgason  5 white,   1 black

Land tax records of Hanover County, VA, in the year 1798 lists the following:
John Higgason's Est. 640 acres
Conveyed to Owen Dabney, 200 ac.
Conveyed to Walter Higgason, 269 ac.
Conveyed to Richard Higgason, 214 ac.

(Could Owen Dabney have been a son-in-law to John Higgason (Sr.)?

1798  Hanover Co., VA Land Tax List:  WALTER HIGGASON 1798 with 269 acres up through 1804 when it states as follows:  WALTER HIGGASON 269 ac., conveyed 40 ac. to David Chisholm; 229 acres.  Also RICHARD HIGGASON conveyed 4 acres to David Chisholm.

1810  Culpeper Co., VA, Deed Book DD 1808-1810, p 288:  Indenture 1 Jan 1810 between Peter Fontaine Armistead & Isaac Winston; wife: Martha Armistead; Sum: 850 lbs. 12 shillings 1 penny 3 farthings; 373 acres in Culpeper on Rappadan River near Elley's Ford; bounded:  WALTER HIGGASON, North Side of Elley's Ford Road near to Urquhart.

1811  Culpeper Co., VA, DB EE, Folio 472:  Withers v Johnson; indenture made 20 Sep 1811 between Allen Johnson of Caroline Co. & John Withers of Culpeper Co., VA.  Also, one other tract of land purchased by the said Withers of Peter F. Armstead with reference to this deed on record of Culpeper Co., will show the contents.

16 Dec 1811   Johnson To Wither:  Mortgages  Recorded Book EE, Folio 473 (Fredericksburg Circuit Court, Fredericksburg, VA)  Withers v Johnson, Exhibited with Bill 30 Jul 1826, 1050 words:  Contains signatures of Larkin Pemberton, WALTER HIGGASON, James Wither(s?), Henry Morton, John Miller, Thomas Humphreys, Henry Allen; at a court held for Culpeper County the 16th of December 1811; This deed of mortgage from Allen Johnson to John Withers was acknowledged by the said Johnson & ordered to be recorded.  Teste W. Broadus, Jr., Clerk  (Genealogist Barry McGhee found this signature for me when I was in Fredericksburg Courthouse.  It is in the loose papers, which he had access to and I did not.  He was indexing all the loose papers at the time and was very kind to obtain the copy for me.)

1815-1820  Fredericksburg Circuit Court, VA:  WALTER HIGGASON, Chancery Court Chancery Order 1815-1820, p 296.  Walter was a witness.

David Chisolm married Rachel Christmas, who was a sister of Catey Christmas, who married JOHN HIGGASON, JR. of Hanover Co., VA.  (See Thomas Christmas will of NC and Descendants of Thomas Christmas (Fourth Generation) at http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~research/tcxg04.htm

Walter's land was on the N. side of Elley's Ford Rd. nr Urquhart on the Rappadan River, 373 acres in Culpeper Co., VA.

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