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A "Suspicious Person" and a "Peculiar Character"


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Betzy Berntsen and Angus Gaines

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If you search for Betzy Berntsen in the Investigate Case Files of the Bureau of Investigation, 1908-1922, German Files, you will find a most remarkable correspondence between two people who were under suspicion for being German spies. Investigators from The Bureau of Investigation apparently were of mixed opinions regarding the motives of Betzy and her male correspondent, Angus Gaines. Were they really spies? Was Betzy really a woman? Or were they just two people of peculiar character? Read the file and judge for yourself! Note that the papers are in reverse order, with the BOI summary on the first 3 pages, and the case file being read from page 46-1. Click on the image to the right and work your way through this amazing glimspe into their lives!

  • USA
  • 1918

Contributor: dbreckenridge
Created: March 6, 2007 · Modified: March 6, 2007

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