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  • Concord New Hampshire

Dorothy was born in Woodstock Vermont   Dorothy Estella Moody

Dorothy was married to Harold Drew and together they had 10 children they lived on Sugar ball road.. After divorcing Harold she married William Joseph Etheridge. William proceeded her in Death in 1980. Her Oldest son Reginald Drew died in the World War 2 at the age of 19. He is buried in Munsinberg Germany.

Her childern were in order of their births,

Reginald Drew born Dec 1925,  has one son

Haroldean (Drew) Allen born May 30,1937, Married to Armand Allen, her children, Danny Richards, Patricia, Sharon, Debra, Wanda,Denise, Dennis, James, Billy

Bertram Drew  born July 1928,

Priscilla Drew born Oct 1930,

Clifton Drew born Jan 1931, Married to Shirley their children, Clifton Jr, Shirley, Barbara, Kathy(Drew) Small, and Reginald. Married to Happy their children, Christopher, Andrew

Harold Jr born Jan 1932, Married Jeannie, their children. Gary, Harold, Kathy

Evangeline (Drew) (Palmer) Maurice born May 12 1933. Married to George Palmer their children, Dorothy, George, Rita, David.

Patircia (Drew)(Haskins) Maxson  born Oct 1935,Married to Wesley Haskins their childern, Wes jr,

Dorothy (Drew) Anderson born Aug 24 1937, Married to James Raymond Anderson Sr, they have five children, Donna Jean (Anderson) Smith, Danny James, Diane Lynn (Anderson) Johnson, James Jr and Joyce Ann(Anderson) Derfuss.

Irene(Drew)(LaRotonda) Hawkins born  May 5 1939 Married to Anthony LaRotonda, their children Rosemarie Kadiuraus, Gail, Anthony, Michael LaRotonda,Married to Earl Hawkins their children, Earl, Raymond, AnnMarie (Hawkins) St Germaine, William and Brian Hawkins

Her Mother Ethel (?) (Moody) Dale had four children

(Nana) Dorothy Moody and Archie Moody,

Maxine Dale and Irene Dale

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