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Francis Marion

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Brig. Gen. Francis Marion

Francis Marion, known as the "Swamp Fox" (upon which the movie Patriot is very loosely based), was born near Georgetown, South Carolina, 26 February 1732. By 1775, he was a member of the South Carolina Provincial Congress and was commissioned in June of that year as a captain in the 2nd South Carolina Regiment. The Continental Congress commissioned him as a lieutenant-colonel the following year.

He earned his nick-name during the Revolutionary War because he and his men traveled along swamp paths, striking British and Loyalist troops quickly, then withdrawing just as quickly to safety. Marion was commissioned a brigadier-general of state troops by exiled Governor John Rutledge.

On 3 September 1781, Brig. Gen. Marion reported his attempts to support Col. Hardin's troops several days earlier as they camped at Round O, SC. This report gives us great insight not only into his military prowess but also to his personality and character. Just prior to the copy of his report is a copy of the letter of commendation written by Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene to the President of Congress. Click on the image to see the first page, then click on the film strip to continue. The report ends on page 287.

  • Georgetown, SC
  • 3 September 1781

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