A Beauty Pageant for the Ducks

A Beauty Pageant for the Ducks


Okay, in all farness the beauty pageant was not really for the ducks

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Stranger still...

  • Miani Beach, Fla

Miss Oregon, a contestant in the Miss Universe contest in 1963, brought two ducks with her to the pageant.

Her chaperone reacted: "I put them in the bathtub of course, for safekeeping."

The article "Like Mother Hen, Shelters Young Chicks" explains the different duties of beauty pageant chaperones.  I found the duties of the chaperones mildly interesting, but I am left wondering why Miss Oregon would need the ducks at the pageant.  Were the ducks a calming influence in the stressful competition?  Were the ducks in some way a part of Miss Oregon's talent?  Duck herding perhaps?

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