18 Dec 1916 1
21 Jul 1986 2
Jul 1986 1
Fort Wayne, IN 3

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Robert Linsky 1
18 Dec 1916 1
21 Jul 1986 2
Jul 1986 1
Fort Wayne, IN 3
Last Residence: Fort Wayne, IN 1
Anna Cecelia Deininger 3
17 Jun 1939 3
St. Peters Catholic Church 3
It just takes one drop of Irish blood to make you Irish 3
Catholic 3
Social Security:
Card Issued: Indiana 1
Social Security Number: ***-**-9262 1

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Fatherly Love

My dad was a very kind & loving person.  He was so proud of his Irish heritage and he made sure we were proud of it too!  He told us a story about his dad throwing a salesman out of the house because he made a comment on what a good POLISH name Linsky was.

His grandfather, Thaddeus Timothy came to this country with his parents John & Mary when he was just 3 years old.  They arrived in New Orleans on January 31, 1849 on the G. W. Brinkerhoff.

Dad told us the "Willie" story more times than I can remember.  He was a fantastic singer and he sang us many songs including a lot of Irish ballads.  He loved vacations & didn't hold back because of $.  If he wanted to do something, he did it!  He always had overtime checks in his wallet.   

My dad had a bad habit of fearing his own death before age 70.  Most of his family members had died before that age.  If he hadn't been so fatalistic, perhaps he would have lived to or beyond 70.  He passed away during his third coronary by-pass surgery when he was 69 years old, just 150 more days & he would have turned 70! 

One interesting fact is, he went to Ireland with 2 of my brothers in 1983.    He was so proud of that!  He and I were going to go on that same trip, about a year later, and he asked me if I would mind his going with my brother Bob and meeting up with my other brother John who was on business in England.  I told him that was fine!  After my fathers death I was looking at the scrapbook I had made of that trip when I noticed the date he first stepped on Irish soil.  It was July 21, 1983, exactly 3 years to the day before his death on July 21, 1986!  Cooincidence or not, he got his most desired dream on that day & we got our worst 3 years later! 

We all miss you so much Dad!   


Almost 30 years!

I just wanted to say I still miss my Dad and it's been nearly 30 years since he passed away.  Don't worry Dad, I'm doing the best I can to keep our Irish heritage strong in the family!  For one, I know I'll be very proud of it even after I meet my maker.  Love-Anna

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