The Branches of  Goverment

The Branches of Goverment


This describes thing about the Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, and the Judicial Branch.

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As we all know there are three (3) different branches of government. Here I'll give you a description of each the a helpful tip. The three (3) different branches of government are:

**Legslative Branch **     Executive Branch    Judicial Branch

**    Now it is time to tell about the branches and how they work.**

Legslative Branch--- Congress men and senators. This branch contains representatives from each state. The Virginia Plan called for this branch to be a two system  house based on population. This branch works to pass the law.

Executive Branch--- The president and his/her advisors. This branch carries out the law.

Judicial Branch--- This is a system of courts who decide if laws were carried out fairly. This branch contains nine (9) Supreme Court Justices.

Most people never herd about the New Jersey Plan  so I'll give you the 411 on that.

The New Jersey plan calls for these branches of gorvernment like the Virginia Plan. It provides for the Legslative Branch with only one house.

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