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Education of Sallie Baugh Koch

  • Ohio County, Kentucky

Sallie Baugh cook hungered for education as a young girl.  She completed her 8th Grade Education in 1914.  Her parents saw to it that the boys in her family of sixteen children attended high school, but there was not the money to send a girl.  The oldest son, John David Baugh, along with his wife offered to send one girl to high school if she would live in his home and help his wife with the boarders.  The four sisters who were interested in high school got together and drew straws.  Unfortunately, Sallie did not pick the winning straw. Her oldes sister did.  Sallie did the next best thing, she opted to repeat Eighth Grade beyond her 1914 graduation from the Ohio County one room school. A letter from her daughter, Norma, stated that she attended the Ohio County school until Sallie Baugh was twenty years of age the certificate was issued in 1914 (although she continued school until age 20) because in the next session a high school teacher was provided to the school and he wouldn't let her take the classes unless she had received the 8th grade certificate.

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