Five Generations of Bells

Five Generations of Bells


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Abraham Bell

Abraham Bell was born about 1819 in England. I don't know much about his life in England, but I do know he married Elizabeth Mary Mattock before coming to America. It is possible they were married about 1844 as they had their first child, Elizabeth A., about 1845. Abraham was a sexton of the Methodist Church which means he was responsible for the care and upkeep of church property and sometimes for ringing bells and digging graves.

Abraham's wife Elizabeth was born about 1824 in England to Charles (born about 1804) and Mary (born about 1794) Mattock. Charles was a weaver by trade and both he and his wife Mary migrated to the U.S. as both are found living with Abraham's family in 1860.

Abraham migrated to the United States about 1846 between the birth of his first and second child and settled in Philadelphia. He and Elizabeth had their first child; Elizabeth A. who was born about 1845 in England. The rest of their children were all born in Pennsylvania. Their family shows up in the 1860 U.S. Census living in Philadelphia. Those living in the house were: Abraham(41), Elizabeth M(36), Elizabeth A(15), Sarah J(12), Mary R(8), Edward H(1), and Abraham's in-laws Charles(56) and Mary(66) Mattock.

They show up again in the 1870 Census still living in Philadelphia. Those living in the house were: Abraham(51), Elizabeth M(45), Elizabeth(24), Jenny(22), Mary(18), Edward(11), Emma(8), Anna(6), Abraham(3), and Abraham's father-in-law Charles Mattock(66). It's assumed that Mary Mattock passed away some time during that 10 year period.

Abraham's home was located at 653 North 16th, Philadelphia, PA. In the 1880 Census the household looked like this: Abraham(61), Elizabeth M(56), Elizabeth(35), Mary R(27), Edward H(21) and his wife Louise Armstrong Wilson(18), Emma(18), Ann Louisa(15 and previously listed as Anna), Abraham(13), and Charles Mattock(76).

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