Some people just don't get it

Some people just don't get it


What some people think is utterly amazing!

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"I deserve this."

  • Elizabeth

It's hard to believe how some people just don't get that they are poor and can't have it all.  I am the "partner" in a small second hand store.   Our business should be thriving in today's economy however, my business partner is from the south and doesn't have a clue what being on time for opening is.  We post hours but she never abides by them.  I can't tell you how many customers complain that they've come and we're not open when we should be.   This is just one of many things that are not right about her.

I've confronted her a couple times this year about where the money is going, as I'm not seeing any deposits made.  I don't need to be paid and as my husband says I'm volunteering my time and expertise to this business to keep it afloat.  My partner on the other hand can't keep her finances straight to save her life.  She is constantly overdrawing her checking account, and spending more money than she has.  She denies taking more money than what she gets paid, but has no explanation for the missing deposits.  She hasn't paid her own bills at home for months now.  I'm sure the shut off notices are coming soon.  However, she always manages to spend $35 every month to have her fake nails done.  "I deserve at least that" she'll say.

I deserve...  What an interesting concept.  One may feel that they are entitled to things that they can't afford, but is it true?  Should the rest of society pay for another's heating bill while they eat out at fast food restaurants?  Should we allow them food stamps, while they buy new clothes at Kohl's, or get their nails done at a salon?   Should states send them aide for their rent while they take themselves and their children to expensive shows?  I beg to differ.  It's called desires not deserves.  We must all watch what we make to what we spend.  Our society has made all this too easy to be taken advantage of.

I look in the paper and see thousands of jobs listed.  I see help wanted signs in store windows.  Maybe each receiver of aide should be required to do some kind of work to help pay for even the little things their are given.  One shouldn't be allowed to sit home, and raise children to know how to cheat the system.  The woman I referred to earlier has shown each of her 4 kids how to get what you want without paying for it.  So far 3 of 4 of her kids have not graduated from high school, and has done time in jail, or at least been arrested and appeared in court under formal charges.  She informs me she "has had no influence on how they turned out."  Sad thought.  We are raising our kids to know right from wrong, but it doesn't matter what they see us do?  We don't have an impact on their lives?  Again, I beg to differ.  It is by our actions that our children learn.

She is now raising a grandson because her own son is a drug addict and he gave up his parenteral rights by not seeking and sticking to a treatment program.  I fear for that child as well.  He is already showing signs of pure aggression to other kids.  He is nearing being kicked out of his preschool even.  He's just 3 years old!  She is heard screaming at him with profanities frequently.  To top all this, she is a foster parent and currently has an infant in her care.  She is hoping that the parents lose their rights and she is allowed to adopt him as a sibling for her grandson.  Do you really think she can do better the second time around?  Doubtful.

If only she could sit back out of her life and take a closer look at her mistakes.  Maybe she would see the same thing I see, and everyone around her sees.  Then again maybe she deserves everything she gets.  Or so she thinks.....

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