mauro's family

mauro's family


I try to collect information on Mauro's family in America (cerco di ottenere informazioni sui miei parenti che ancora vivono in America)

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Someone of the ancestors MAURO's came from Calabria and for the sake of precision, from Cassano Ionio.....

  • Calabria (Italy)

From the same family, 6 brothers moved from Italy to North and South America and only one of them came back to Italy. They sold all their valuable to collect enough money in order to pay the shipment to the States and Brasil, but only Vincenzo Mauro, my grandfhater, who died on 1932 came back to Italy....

I hope some of my relatives could read this message: I'm still in contact with some cousin from San Paulo (Brasil) but I've any contact with the Mauro's Family North America's branch.

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