My Mysterious Great Grandfather William Bradley Harper!

My Mysterious Great Grandfather William Bradley Harper!


There is a story about him that has been past down to each new generation. No one has been able to prove it to be true or false. Since we are only able to find him on 1900/1910 USFC male, white & widowed and his death certificate since 1978, it must be "T"

Stories about My Mysterious Great Grandfather William Bradley Harper!

My Mysterious Great Grandfather William Bradley Harper!

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I am 52 yrs and have been doing my family tree for 30 years now and have collected many ascendants, desendant and pictures on both sides of my family, but have been at a brick wall on my dad's grandfather, William Bradley Harper, ascendants. Per the 1900 & 1910 USFC, Files Valley, Hill, TX and the death certificate of W.B. Harper, he was born 10 Aug 1852 Grayson County, Texas and died 3 Aug 1911 Files Valley, Hill, Texas. The 1900 & 1910 census states W.B. was male, white & "w"idow and that W.B.  parent's birthplace were in Virginia, but neither the USFCs or the death certificate states who his parents are. As far as I or any other relative knows, he only had one child, Wade Lee Harper, born 10 Nov 1881 in Grandview, Johnson, Texas and died 9 Apr 1955 in Alvarado, Johnson, Texas. On Wade's death certificate it states his dad, W.B., was born in "Tenn". I have copies of both their death certificates, but can't find official birth certificates on either one, nor I can't find who W.B.'s wife and mother to Wade is. There is speculation that it maybe a Zelpha H Sides, but still no proof. I have been told from some of the elders on my dad's side that when they were little they heard the adults talk about W.B.'s past. They recalled that W.B.'s last name use to be "Hopier" or something like that. He lived in some other state. He ran away to somewhere when he was 16 or 17 which would be the years 1868-1869. He became a school teacher somewhere. He was in his open wagon somewhere when a child stuck a stick or something in his wagon's wheel spokes. The wagon pulled the child under the wagon and he/she died. No one recalls if W.B. got prosecuted for the child's death, but W.B. fled and came to Texas. Somewhere along the way he changed his surname from "Hopier to Harper. No proof that he did this legally or not. I have posted this story on several genalogy websites in the surname groups and on Ancient Faces, etc, but no one has yet to respond to my query. I have done name searches on every genealogy website I can find on the internet on variations of Harper (harpier, Havier, Hopier, Hopiere, harpear, harpur, etc), but can't locate a match with the above data I do have on documents. You can "Google" "William Bradley Harper" and see where/when I have this story posted. My Mom and I even went to Grayson county cemeteries to see if we could locate my great grandmother so and so. I don't know where else or what else to do to solve this mystery and get past this brick wall. I am open to suggestions and would be very very grateful if anyone out there on the web that is reading this story could help me out. My health has been deteriating and I want to resolve this before I pass away. Thank you in advance for any help!

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