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Salem Witch Trials: Rebecca Town Nurse's death warrant


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Death warrant

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from the Salem Witch Trials
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To George Corevine Gentln. High Sheriff of ? County of ???? Greeting

Whereas Sarah Good Wife of William Good of Salem Village Rebecka Nurse wife of Francis  Nurse of Salem Villiage Susanna Martin of Amesbury Widow Elizabeth How wife of James How of Ipswich Sarah Wild Wife of John Wild of Topsfield all of the County of Essex in their Maj'ts Province of ye Massachusetts Bay in New England Att A Court of Oyer & Terminer held by Adjournment for Our Soveraign Lord & Lady King William & Queen Mary for ye said County of Essex at Salem in the s'd County on ye 29th day of June [torn] were Severaly arraigned on Several Indictments for the horrible Crime of Witchcraft by them practised & Committed On Severall persons and pleading not guilty did for their Tryall put themselves on God & Thier Countrey whereupon they were Each of them found & brought in Guilty by ye Jury that passed On them according to their respective Indictments and Sentence of death did then pass upon them as the Law directs Execution whereof yet remains to be done:

Those are Therefore in thier Maj'ties name William & Mary now King & Queen over England &ca: to will & Comand you that upon Tuesday next being ye 19th day of [torn] Instant July between the houres of Eight & [torn] in [torn] forenoon ye same day you Elizabeth How & Sarah Wild From their Maj'ties Goal in Salem afores'd to the place of Execution & there Cause them & Every of them to be hanged by the Neck untill they be dead and of the doings herein make return to the Clerke of the said Court & this precept and hereof you are not to fail at your perill and this Shall be your Sufficient Warrant Given under my hand & seale at Boston the 12'th day of July in ye fourth yeare of ye Reign of our Soveraigne Lord & Lady Wm & Mary King & Queen &ca:

Wm Stoughton

Anno Dom. 1692
  • Salem, Massachussetts
  • 29 Jun 1692


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