searching for ancestors, Turner, Hingerty, Evers, Hinchcliff, Hudson

searching for ancestors, Turner, Hingerty, Evers, Hinchcliff, Hudson


searching for long lost relatives who are out there now, as well as stories of our dearly departed, the reasons we are here. Need any info on my family and would love to connect with family members here and abroad.

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Turner, Evers, Hingerty, Hinchcliff, Hudson families

  • New York City, Portsmouth Virginia, Brooklyn Navy Yards, US Navy

I am looking for my family lines, Evers family from Cookley England the Midlands region, there has to be relatives still there, my G.G.grandmother had 8 siblings. Searching for Justin Turner, my G.G.grandfather born 1830, his father also a Justin Turner born around 1800, Justin Jr. was one of 8 children, he had 8 himself as well. They settled around Greenpoint Brooklyn NYC, although he and wife, Hannah Hingerty had 8 children, first 2 born in Portsmouth Virginia, her father, Alfred Hingerty was an officer on the Constellation War ship and he was in Civil War, he was involved with capturing ships in Civil War, always searching for more relatives in Virginia or New York as well.  Also looking for Hinchcliff and Hudson families.  Hinchcliff family came over from England in late 1700's to Andover Massachuesetts, John hinchcliff married susan frye in Andover and they had children, my ancestor was Henry Kitteridge Hinchcliff who married Elizabeth Gale of Goshen New York State. They had my gr.grandfather, Henry Clayton Hinchcliff who married Mary Amelia Hudson, who was from Newfoundland. They settled in Brooklyn and Queens New York City, they also had 5 children one of whom is my Grandfather Fred Hinchcliff.

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