Howell + Yates + Liddell Connections

Howell + Yates + Liddell Connections


An explanation of connections between three families in the 1860 Census of Hamburg Beat, Perry County, Alabama

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Connections in 1860 and other years.

  • Hamburg, Perry County, Alabama

The family of G W and "Jincy" (Jennie Mildred Graham) Howell (#731) begins on page 103 of the Census and laps over to page 104. Next door to the G W Howell family is Isabella Yates (family #732), the mother of Margaret Ann Yates (G W Howell's first wife), and grandmother of Cornelius Howell. I do not know the connection of Isabella Yates with Malinda David. In 1860, Isabella Yates was the widow of Absalom Yates. Isabella had 3 daughters, Margaret Ann (who died after the birth of Cornelius Howell), Marjorie Caledonia (who married Wiley Marshall Howell, brother of George W), and Marinda J Yates (family #733).

Next door to Isabella is Marinda, married to Robert Franklin Liddell (mispelled Littdell?), family #733. After Marinda, Robert F Liddell would marry Rachel Ann Wooley in 1868. In 1874, Robert and Rachel had a daughter (among others) named Robbie Etter Liddell. In 1874, George W and Jennie Howell (family #731 here) had a son named Ira Clinton Howell.

Ira C Howell and Robbie Liddell were married in 1896. They were my great-grandparents, and I knew them both. In 1860, G W Howell and R F Liddell were connected through the Yates sisters, and Isabella Yates was a mother-in-law to both men. 36 years later, the children of G W Howell and R F Liddell, by other wives, married each other.

Note: A little further down the road on page 104 is the family (#737) of Andrew Weaver. He was the grandfather of Jennie Mildred Graham Howell (family #731) through his daughter, Jennie's mother, Altha Jane Weaver, who married Hamilton (Hamp) Graham (Jennie's father).


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