06 Sep 1965 1
Springfield, Ohio 1
21 Feb 1992 1
Lagonda ave, in apartment shared by with wife, Carrie 1

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Personal Details

Full Name:
Clifford Allen Riddle 1
Also known as:
Allen 1
Full Name:
Clifford A Riddle 2
06 Sep 1965 1
Springfield, Ohio 1
Male 1
06 Sep 1965 2
21 Feb 1992 1
Lagonda ave, in apartment shared by with wife, Carrie 1
Cause: Aneurysm in the back of brain 1
21 Feb 1992 2
Burial Place: Ferncliff Cemetary (close to Plum st side) 1
Last Residence: Springfield, OH 2
Mother: Janet 1
Father: Clifford Riddle 1
Carrie Johnson 1
To: death 1
construction/painter 1
Race or Ethnicity:
white 1
Two daughters, Samantha Lynn Riddle and Sarah Kay Riddle 1
mother of his children:
Carrie L. Johnson 1
Social Security:
Social Security Number: ***-**-2024 2

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Too young to Die

Springfield, Ohio

Clifford Allen Riddle, AKA Allen, was 26 yrs old on the day he died.  He would have just turned 27 that September.  At the time, his first born daughter, Samantha Lynn was about 18 months old and his second daughter, Sarah Kay was still in her mom's womb.  The birth was only a few weeks away. 

The day was spent mostly preparing for Sarah and Allen and Carrie (wife and person writing this) went that day to have an ultrasound done to make sure everything was ready and okay for the delivery date.  Everything was just fine but they didn't have a name picked out and settled on.  That day they agreed on Sarah Kay.  Carrie chose the name Sarah, particular because of seeing the name in her family history on her fathers side and Allen chose the middle name Kay. 

After arriving back to the apartment the rest of the day was average until Allen started to not feel good.  He laid down on the coach and feel asleep and was not awoken until Carrie had to go to the neighbor to receive a phone call.  (They hadn't lived in the new apartment for very long and did not have a phone of their own yet and the neighbor was very kind to letting them both use the phone and receive calls at his home). 

The phone call was Carrie's mother and so she woke up Allen and asked him to watch thier daughter Samantha while she answered the call.  The call lasted less than 20 minutes before Carrie heard Samantha crying next door and hitting on the front door.  Carrie hung up and went back to the apartment, which were attached and only 2 footsteps between both doors.  That is when she found Allen laying on the coach lifeless and 18 month old Samantha crying.  The scene was devastating and even on this day, February 28, 2009 writing this it still brings tears to the eyes....and pains the heart. 

Finding a person dead that was just there....just talking....and so healthy is very difficult and even worse when that person is someone you love and is the father of your daughters.  Especially when one is unborn.

Allen was a very loved person and will continue to be remembered.  His oldest daughter Samantha is very close to being "cloned" from him.  They share so many similarities and at one point when she was very little she even walked like him.

Allen had a very large amount of friends and people wanted to be around him.  Even though he was very quite until someone got to know him.

At this time, Allen's mother Janet is still alive and living in Springfield and has several sisters and a brother living as well.  I do not have any information on his father and have not seen him for many years.  Possible since that year that he died.



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