The Legacy of Ruth Robertson

The Legacy of Ruth Robertson


The last living child of Charlie and Gilliard Bowden was born and lived in Akron, Alabama all of her life. she assisted all of her siblings raise their children. She did not hestitate to go where she was needed.

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Ruth was married to Robert Robertson. They did not have any children.

  • Akron, Alabama (Hale County) USA

Ruth and Robert could have moved anytime they wish.  She choose to remain close to her mother.  Robert lived with her and her mother too.  They did not have any children, therefore they help to raise all of their neices and nephews.

Uncle Robert as we so fondly called him escorted us to the movies every Saturday night.  We did not have a formal theatre in our community, therefore the move was shown in the school auditorium.

He would walk in front of us and we thought he wasn't paying attention.  We found out when we arrived home that he was aware of everything.

Uncle Robert and Aunt ruth was the best that could have happened to us.

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