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My Grand Mother

My Grand Mother - Stories


My Grand Mother

  • Brooklyn, N.Y., USA

MY grand father lost his first wife and he had 3 children. It was a very hard time for my grand father's family. When my grand mother first met my grand father she took my mother Doris under her wing and did many girl things with her like shopping and just having another woman to talk to. It is not easy taking care of a ready made family which she did without any problems. When my grandparents did get married the ages of my mother Doris was 16, my uncle George was 15 and uncle Williams was 14. My mother was all ways close to grandma  through all the years until she pass away.  My Grand mother was one very special person and will be loved missed by all.  I will all ways be a special place in my heart for my grand mother because she took care of my mother and uncles before she had the rest of the family members.