Franc or Frank d'WAINIO, b. Turku, FINLAND, 1888, dec'd So. CA., 1978-a Grandfather of mine.

Franc or Frank d'WAINIO, b. Turku, FINLAND, 1888, dec'd So. CA., 1978-a Grandfather of mine.


Frank put 3 of his youngest children up for adoption in NYC, after his restaurant failed and his wife died. The wife he was married to in New York City, was his second wife, his first wife and child, or his wife divorced him, that took place in FINLAND.

Franc or Frank d'WAINIO, born Turku, FINLAND, dec'd in SO CA-1978. A Grandfather of mine.

  • FINLAND,NYC,NY, California

****Frank's first wife was in FINLAND, she divorced him, he was young and had one daughter.  Frank, came into the US and married another FINNISH immigrant, she died at a young age, in NYC.  Frank had attempted to start a restaurant in NYC, that one failed.  He had 5 children by his first marriage in the US, all young.  He put the youngest 3 up for "adoption", my mother Annibrita d'WAINIO, at birth was adopted, one of her brother's was "adopted" by a family named MAXWELL. The last child, I believe, was the oldest and stayed and worked in the "adoption" home for the rest of her life.  She apparently died at about age 80 in the "adoption" home, where she lived the rest of her life and worked.Frank, for a while lived in Little Rock, AR, where he had a small motel, restaurant.  My mother lived in AR, for about a year.Frank, again moved this time to CA, where he was apparently still in the motel, restaurant business, his third wife a FINN, was named Maria WAINIO.The following is a brief timeline for Frank d'WAINIO Add a life event Timeline1888 ** 21 Oct _Birth _BirthFinland<a>

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**1915 ** _Age: 27 _ArrivalSault Ste Marie Michigan<a>

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**1920 ** _Age: 32 _ResidenceBrooklyn Assembly District 9, Kings, New York<a>

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**1925 ** 29 Jun _Age: 36 _ArrivalNew York, New York<a>

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**1930 ** _Age: 42 _ResidenceLos Angeles, Los Angeles, California<a>

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**1979 ** Jan _Age: 90 _DeathTujunga, Los Angeles, California, United States of America<a>

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