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Herman ELFERS, b. GERMAN, the "adoptive" father of my...


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Herman ELFERS, b. Germany, immigrant, late 1800's into NYC. died 1960.

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My mother about 1925-6 in NYC, with her "adopted" brother William ELFERS.

 A timeline from my "tree" HANDIBOE-LEWIS-ROOTS 2008, at www.ancestry.com

My tree, has a lot of sources, on most of the people in it.

Herman, was one of my Grandfathers.  My mother's actual or natural/legitimate father was a FINN, named Franc or Frank d'WAINIO, born in Turku, FINLAND.


1877  23 Oct Birth Birth


Daveden Pro Hannover, Germany


4 historical records

1892  24 May Age: 14 Arrival




1 historical record

1892  Age: 15 Arrival


New York, New York


2 historical records

1907  abt Age: 30 Marriage to Katherine Margaret EVERS


NYC, , New York, USA

Description: He was age 30

1920  Age: 43 Residence


Manhattan Assembly District 9, New York, New York


1 historical record

1930  Age: 53 Residence


Manhattan, New York, New York


1 historical record

1936  5 Nov Age: 59 Arrival


New York, New York


1 historical record

1960  Sep Age: 82 Death


Manhatten, , New York, USA

Description: New York Times article



New York, New York


1 historical record





1 historical record



Bremen, Germany


2 historical records



United States


1 historical record



United States


1 historical record

  • New York City, NY & GERMANY
  • 1877-1960


The description of the then age 35 Herman ELFERS, was 5'9

blue eyes

nose grecian

hair brown.

  • New York, City, NY
  • 1913

1940 Fed census, taken in NYC.

1940 Fed census, taken in NYC.

Remove   1940 United States Federal Census
about Hermon Elfers Name: Hermon Elfers Age: 62 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1878 Gender: Male Race: White Birthplace: Germany Marital Status: Married Relation to Head of House: Head Home in 1940: New York, New York, New York
View Map Street: West 86 Street Farm: No Inferred Residence in 1935: New York, New York, New York Residence in 1935: Same House Citizenship: Naturalized Sheet Number: 4A Number of Household in Order of Visitation: 66 Rent/home value:



Employment status: View image Neighbors: View others on page Household Members: NameAge Hermon Elfers 62 Ratherine Elfers 53 William Elfers 21 Marie Elfers 19 Marie Sunde 46     View image
View blank form
  • NYC
  • 1940

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