1860 Census

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Population schedules for the 1860 United States federal census, M653

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The National Archives describes the population schedules for the 1860 census:

This series consists of the original manuscript census schedules for the 1860 population census taken on June 1, 1860.  The following information is generally recorded: dwelling house number (numbered in order of visitation); family number (numbered in order of visitation); name of every person whose usual place of abode on the first day of June 1860 was in the family; description (age, sex, color - white, black or mulatto,  and profession, occupation or trade of each person over 15 years of age); value of real estate owned (value of real estate, and value of personal estate); place of birth (state, territory, or country of birth); married within the year; attended school within the year; persons over 20 years of age who cannot read or write; and whether deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiot, pauper, or convict.


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