Shawn Rienert Will Always Be Rememebered As Well

Shawn Rienert Will Always Be Rememebered As Well - Stories


To Remember My Beloved Brother, Shawn Rienert

  • Manchester, NH

Hey Buddy,

There's not a day that passes without thinking of you at least once.  I know you are shining and looking down on all of us who miss you dearly.  I miss your special brand of humor that only the ones closest to you got,  your love of music, your generosity, and most of all...I miss you, my best friend,  my brother. I will always remember how close we were and visit back here whenever I'm thinking about you!!  I will upload pictures soon of the family for you and pass this on to your friends who may have their own personal memories, stories or photos.I'm hoping they can share this with as many friends as possible to help me out.

Love and Miss You!!


    Today I took Autumn and Selina to the Mall so they could get out and when we got back Selina was talking to Mom and after she got off the phone mentioned something about you have a dog named Dre. I remember Dre liked drinking out of his bowl which is nothing unusual except for the part of beer being there instead of water. I wonder if that dog is back with you or still kicking around drinking 40s? ER

      Of course I have been thinking of you with the funeral of Warren today so I hope you meet him in whatever way you can and guide him like someone guided you when you needed guidance yourself. Hopefully, you have also met Pepe for the first time. And also those four band members...reach out to well. This is a sad time so make them laugh the way you made me!! I sill can't remember who truly is the champion of our Make Me Laugh me we continuously played even into adulthood. I'm laughing right now just thinking about it so guess in a way you hold the title...shoot!!

        Thinking of you, playing drums and getting better by the minute...I should have taken an interest when you were playing guitar. We would have made a good team. We could have gotten Renee to doubt (get it). Missing you!! ER

          tough day today... today, cloudy and jagged....freaking nut doctors think they know everything... like you can't pick up a book and read the same god damn literature that they can. Look up NH's Board of Health and you'll discover nobody's beyond reproach these days. We now live in a world of super fast search engines compiling data and ways to interpret that data in a universally global faster than ever before environment. We all just want to freaking live without tripping up too don't need letters next to your name to come to that Einstein of a conclusion