Absent in America'

Absent in America'


What happened? As and ex convict I realize a lot of people today have no love for me or the genre; but I am still and American'. Why can't I get ID with a copy of my birth certificate. Has home land security/related issues; Are we all crazy?

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Lost In America

  • Springfield, Oregon, USA

Born in Napa, California on June 21st, 1962; I have made a lot of mistakes in my life! But' I am still a faithful and loyal American. And believe me I do have issues with the supposed initiation of events associated with our Afghanistan and Iraqi events and still do.

But' where does the ignorance stop? Today in Springfield, Oregon I went to get a new ID card; "you can't get a job today without updated ID". I had my social security card and a copy of my birth certificate. Regardless of the fact that the clerk brought my prior picture up and all my information associated with the aforementioned I was denied and updated ID card absent my official birth certificate. I am unemployed! I am American!!!!!

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