Signalman 3c  George Francis Cope

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Time was bad so they all stay at my great grand parnets on my grandmother side of the family. When George was 14 years old his father married Elizbeth Johnson. After pearl Habor my Uncle want to join the navy, but because of his age seventeen his father and mother had to sign him up. Uncle George went into the Navy. He was on the USS PC-558 the day of May 9 1944 at 0456hours when it was hit by one torpedo from the German submarine. u-230 and sank quickly with the loss of many of her crew. Some 28 miles northeast by north of Palermo, Siclly in postion 38 41' N, 13 43'43 E. The accompanying USS PC-1235 was missed by three torpedoes and chased away the attacking u-boat. She then hurried back to the sinking position and was able to rescue 30 survivors. What was told to our family is that my Uncle was strapped to the big gun when the torpedo hit the boat He was missing in action and was given the purple heart. A lot of good men lost their lifes that day
  • Sicily, Italy
  • 9 May 1944

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