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"Iron Jawed Angels"

This started out with an article on Woman Suffrage written by my great grandfather Governor Steunenberg of Idaho in 1900 for Harper's Bazar. I continued researching a bit more and will be adding items here as they are discovered.


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Woman Suffrage in Idaho


5/26/1900 - Harper's Bazar - Woman Suffrage in Idaho by Gov. Frank Steunenberg
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The attached Harper's Bazar article was written by my great grandfather Governor Steunenberg of Idaho. I am happy to say that the governor appears to have had a reasonably progressive view of suffrage in 1900 at a time when it was still being greatly resisted.

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Governor Steunenberg and his assassination on by blog at: Idaho Meanderings

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Suffragettes Jailed and Mistreated

Waahington D. C.

Dora Lewis
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"The women were innocent and defenseless, but they were jailed nonetheless for picketing the White House and carrying signs asking for the vote"

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