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Allen Ellsworth LARMAN, went insane-died in 1907, Washington...


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Allen E. (Ellsworth) LARMAN, dies in St., Elizabeth mental institution 1907.

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Allen Ellsworth LARMAN, Sr's death, just a brieft note here, under Health Dept., notices. He died in mental instution. Allen E. LARMAN
According to the Washington Post newspaper, Allen E. LARMAN, one of my Great Grandfather's, began wondering around Washington DC, about 1904 "not of sound mind".  They must have had him committed, and he died in that mental institution 1907.Allen was the son of the UNION soldier Henry J. LARMAN & Margaret Ann KIRBY, both Henry & Margaret died in Washington DC & both were born in Maryland.Look under "Health notice" in the attached articles.
  • Washington DC
  • 1904-1907

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Created: September 3, 2008 · Modified: September 3, 2008

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