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Emmanuel O. LITTLE b. 1865 in Northern, Maryland


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Emmanuel O. LITTLE, of Northern, Maryland, married a SMITH-twin"1865-1930's

 This is one of the Grandfather's of Gladys Lavenia STONER-HANDIBOE, mother of William Roy HANDIBOE & wife of John DeWitt HANDIBOE.


Jacob H. Little1834–Anna SPESARD1844– Emmanuel O. Little Born:abt 1865
Maryland Died:1930
Hyattsville, , Maryland, USA Edit profile

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Description: Refer to 1910 fed census' as well as other's

1 historical record

1870    Age: 5  Residence


Westminster, Carroll, Maryland


1 historical record

1880    Age: 15  Residence


Westminster, Carroll, Maryland, United States


1 historical record

1900    Age: 35  Residence


Westminster, Carroll, Maryland


1 historical record

1910    Age: 45  Residence


Hyattsville Ward 2, Prince George's, Maryland


1 historical record

1920    Age: 55  Residence


Hyattsville Ward 2, Prince Georges, Maryland


1 historical record

1930    Age: 65  Residence


Hyattsville, Prince George's, Maryland


1 historical record

1930    Age: 65  Death


Hyattsville, , Maryland, USA


1 historical record

         Marriage to Harriet P. Smith



Description: unknown

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Family MembersSpouse Harriet P. Smith1865–Children Elmer Smith Little1891– Cora S. Little1892– Edith Dorothy Little1896–1978 Gladdie M. Little1899– Howard E. Little1901– Maud L. Little1902– Charles R. Little1906– Frances M. Little1907– Alice M. Little1908– Add a childView more family information Tools

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  • Northern, Maryland, Hyattsville, Maryland
  • 1865-1930's

A slideshow from family album

  • NY/DC/MD
  • 1927-2009

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