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Samuel Morgan LEWIS b. Jamestown, VA


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Father of CONFEDERATE, John H. (Henry) LEWIS of Porthsmouth, Virginia.

This is one of my GGGreatGrandfth's and the father of John H. (Henry) LEWIS, CONFEDERATE.  Samuel also, joined the CONFEDERACY, in spite of his age, due to the place and time he lived.

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    or See full list of people HANDIBOE-LEWIS-ROOTS-2008 Home Person George "Captain" W Lewis1755–1803unknown DAINGERFIELD1755–1820 Samuel Morgan Lewis Born:1785
    Jamestown, Virginia Died:23 Jul 1862
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    Jamestown, Virginia


    1 historical record 1812    Age: 27  Military


    Veteran of the War of 1812

    Description: Ship joiner

    1830    Age: 45  Residence


    Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia


    1 historical record 1840  1 Jun  Age: 55  Residence


    Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia, USA


    1 historical record 1850    Age: 65  Residence


    Portsmouth, Norfolk, Virginia


    1 historical record 1860    Age: 75  Residence


    Portsmouth Jackson Ward, Portsmouth (Independent City), Virginia


    1 historical record 1862  23 Jul  Age: 77  Death








    1 historical record Add a new story StoriesSamuel Morgan LEWIS-confederateAdded by Lora_Handiboe on 13 Jul 2008

    Home guard Virginia, CONFEDERACY  Read more »

    View all (1) Family MembersSpouse Frances Pulley1796–1871Children Samuel Lewis1826– Jane Lewis1828– John H. Lewis1835–1917 George W Lewis1838–1916 Fredie Lewis1859– Add a childView more family information Tools Historical RecordsCensus
    Birth, Marriage, & Death
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    • Virginia
    • 1785-1862

    His wife Frances PULLEY-LEWIS, her death notice 1870-VA

    Remove Pulley, Frances  in your tree "HANDIBOE-LEWIS-ROOTS-2009" You have saved this record to My Ancestry (Shoebox). You have saved this record to My Ancestry (People I'm Looking For). This record has been added to your shoebox. U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1880
    about Frances Lewis Name: Frances Lewis Gender: Female Race: White Place of Birth: Virginia Estimated Birth Year: abt 1795 Age: 75 Month of Death: Apr Cause Of Death: Dropsy of the Chest Census Year: 1870 Census Location: (City, County, State)
    Norfolk Ward 3, Norfolk, Virginia Line: 3 Roll: T1132_10

    • Virginia
    • 1870

    More info on LEWIS'& EMMERSON'S


    Hi Lora,   Quick follow up to last night's email. My best guess of the picture taken of the two brothers was around this plot #241 in Section #5. You can see my George Washington Lewis as well as his wife, Martha, mother, Frances, and when you check on the Orton's, you can see they had the whole family except John Henry and Mary Frances. The first of the two Samuel M.s  was the son of Samuel Morgan and Frances Pulley born 10 Feb. 1836 and died 11 July. 1854. As you can see, our Samuel Morgan is buried here but the date of birth is incorrect as it is in all of my other records, and yours, I believe, July 4,1784. And, we're still missing the elusive Sarah that Mildred wrote so much about. I'm convinced that she never left the area around Uniontown and Fayette County. Mildred went up to the court house and researched years ago but I'm sure that the records were spotty and so much has improved with computers. Couldn't live without mine.     All for today. After awhile, I'm not even sure who I am.     Marty   Click here: http://files.usgwarchives.net/va/portsmouth/cemeteries/portlock-h-l.txt
    • Portsmouth, Virginia
    • 1800's-1900's

    About that CONFEDERATE statue, nearby Portsmouth, VA

    That would be downtown Portsmouth right by the court house in the middle of the street and he is facing South  Huge stature. Just received the email for Karen. Thanks. I'm an only child so I'm winging it.   Click here: http://files.usgwarchives.net/va/portsmouth/cemeteries/cedargrove.txt
    • Portsmouth, Virginia
    • 2009

    A picture, which is owned by a decendant of Samuel's

    A decendant of Samuel Morgan LEWIS, sent me a picture the full picture alone of George Washington LEWIS, who is also the brother of John Henry LEIWS.  Her name is Martha or Marty BRADSHAW, owner of the picture of George,by himself..


    She has a lot of info re: Samuel Morgan LEWIS


    • Virginia
    • 1800's-1900's

    Samuel Morgan LEWIS, the CONFEDERATE-, HIS RECORD.

    American Civil War Soldiers
    about Samuel Lewis Name: Samuel Lewis Side Served: Confederacy State Served: Virginia Service Record: Enlisted as a Private.
    Enlisted in Company 2, 79th Militia Infantry Regiment Virginia.
    Sources: 425   Save This Record Attach this record to a person in your tree as a source record, or save for later evaluation. American Civil War Regiments Regiment: 79th Militia Infantry Regiment Virginia Regiment State: Virginia Regiment Type: Infantry Regiment Number: 79th Militia Regimental Soldiers and History: List of Soldiers

    Regimental History
    Battles Fought All American Civil War Soldiers Results Matches 161–170 of 1,439,681 Sorted By Relevance


    View RecordNameResidenceEnlist DateOccupationState ServedSide Served View Record James Kelly       Virginia Confederacy View Record Allen King       Virginia Confederacy View Record Colonel King       Virginia Confederacy View Record Samuel Legg       Virginia Confederacy View Record Jacob Lewis       Virginia Confederacy View Record John Lewis       Virginia Confederacy View Record Michael Lewis       Virginia Confederacy View Record Samuel Lewis       Virginia Confederacy View Record William Lowdermilk  

    • Portsmouth, Virginia
    • 1861-1865

    Samuel Morgan LEWIS, some military info.

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    • Virginia
    • late 1700's

    Samuel Morgan LEWIS, more info

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    1. Story Samuel Morgan...
    Timeline ( View details )      Add a Fact Add a Fact Comments Add a comment View all comments (1) Family Members Parents     Show siblings   Hide siblings   Spouse & Children
    • Virginia
    • 1700's-1800's

    A descendant of President George WASHINGTON.

    This is a direct descendant of President George WEASHINGTON'S sister- Elizabeth "Betty" Washington-Lewis.


    Contributor: llighthse
    Created: August 30, 2008 · Modified: July 21, 2012

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